by Admiral Gabe

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released January 21, 2017

All songs written by Will Hamilton
Coproduced by Cody Hamilton
Engineering and mixing done by Cody Hamilton
Instruments played by both Will and Cody
Album cover photographed by Lainey Chatham




Admiral Gabe Del Rey Oaks, California

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Track Name: Whisper
I whisper through my window at night to the trees
and the heavenly bodies of constellations growing older
their light is from long ago

I feel like I'm floating off today
I'll never see my friends again
am I growing up or just moving away?
Track Name: Sanctuary
I saw you dance on a frozen lake of glass
dragons carried your feet like the wind you blow through me
you're a glimmer of golden fantasy
your voice tears through the void- I hear it echoing

I've built up a prison out of my sanctuary
have you met different people that remind you of me?
Track Name: Grateful
I haven't felt right, anxiety burned a hole in my mind
there's nothing to do but smile

Sunlight comes through the space between my eyes
I see sound as color- is this real life?

I wanna leave here so bad it hurts in my hands
my reality collapses into something else

But I hold your hand and we know
that were all we've got
just walk don't stop
I love you, thanks a lot